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Sell your woodwind instrument

Information about selling your woodwind instrument

At Musical Money, we always reply to every quote received. Whether we can make an offer or not, we will always keep you informed and we will advise your best course of action.

If you are selling a used woodwind instrument, we look at each on its own merits. One thing we always need to be aware of is depreciation. This is a major factor for any new instrument going onto the 2nd hand market and some brands depreciate faster than others. If your flute/saxophone/clarinet/oboe etc was £799 when it was new in 1995, we're sorry to say, does not mean it's worth £750 now. Depreciation instantly wipes out at least 25% of new value as soon as the till goes ka-ching. General use and wear in the following years will increase depreciation further, and add to this other major factors, including your original warranty which runs out or is non transferable – a new model may come out pushing the price of the old one down – not to mention the fact that 20% of your original purchase price was VAT, which is never passed on with a 2nd hand instrument being sold privately. These are all factors that govern the value of your 2nd hand instrument.

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Practical aspects that we're interested when offering on a woodwind instrument, are just some of the following. There are more but these are the basics:

  1. How is the overall condition of the body? (Dents, scratches, pitting etc)
  2. Does the instrument come with the original case?
  3. Has it been well maintained? Inside and out?
  4. Has it been serviced? (with documented evidence?)
  5. Have there been any repairs?
  6. Are there any structural issues? splits, cracks, etc?
  7. Is the keywork ok?
  8. Are the pads ok?
  9. Is the lacquer/silver plate in good condition?
  10. Are there any accessories included? (mouthpiece ligature & cap, reeds, straps, mutes etc

Below, is a list of some of the manufacturers, who create and craft some of the woodwind instruments we have been offered in the past. We buy any woodwind instrument, or at least advise accordingly. These include all types of Saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bass), Clarinets of all descriptions and keys, Oboes, Flutes, Bassoons, Cor Anglais, Harmonica and many more. It's worth noting, if you see your brand of instrument on the list below, it doesn't mean that we'll definitely make an offer, but we will consider it and advise accordingly. Also, worth noting, if you are selling an instrument that is not on the list, this does not mean that we won't make an offer, we just haven't been offered one ourselves yet:

  • Aihara
  • Akiyama
  • Altus
  • Amati
  • Arioso
  • Azumi
  • Blessing
  • Boosey & Hawkes
  • Buescher
  • Buffet Crampon
  • Conn
  • Deitz
  • Forte
  • Gemeinhardt
  • Hammershmidt
  • Hammig
  • Hanson
  • Howarth
  • Iwao
  • Jupiter
  • Keilwerth
  • Kotato
  • Leblanc
  • Leitner & Kraus
  • Lyons
  • Martin Freres
  • Mateki
  • Martin
  • Miyazawa
  • Muramatsu
  • Nagahara
  • Natsuki
  • Gustav Mollenhauer & Söhne
  • Orsi
  • Orsi & Weir
  • Pearl
  • Thomas Ridenour
  • Luis Rossi
  • Rudall Carte
  • Sankyo
  • Schrieber
  • Henri Selmer
  • Selmer
  • Trevor James
  • Uebel
  • Wurlitzer
  • Yanagisawa
  • Yamaha

Why choose us?

For many years, we've been doing everything we can to make your life easier when it comes to selling your musical equipment. We understand that parting with an instrument can be like parting with an old friend, so we will do our level best to keep to the following promises.

  • Fast and Free No Obligation Quote
  • Free Nationwide Collection Service Terms Apply
  • Super Fast Payments
  • Your equipment back into circulation
  • No costly advertising
  • Totally hassle free
  • Friendly staff offering honest advice

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