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Packaging Advice

General Advice

Items sent via courier under usual conditions, are safe, as long as they are packed securely and correctly. Although the couriers try their very best to ensure that your equipment will get to us with no additional damage, accidents can happen. Therefore, we need to over protect our equipment to ensure safe travel. We urge you to work with us on this to avoid any disappointment.

Important! If it is not boxed, it will not be covered by insurance. In addition, any un-boxed items will be subject to a surcharge of £24.50.

Shipping Insurance

Your equipment is insured in transit but only if it has been correctly packaged, if this advice is ignored and damage occurs, your equipment will not be covered.

General Dos and Don’ts

  • Do use a sturdy box
  • Do use packaging materials to keep your equipment away from the walls of the box
  • Do use enough packaging to ensure your equipment does not rattle inside the box
  • Do ensure that the box is sealed tight with no gaps
  • Do ensure that multiple items packed together are individually wrapped
  • Do ensure that loose contents are secured inside instrument cases/boxes
  • Don’t send anything without a box – unless by prior agreement with Musical Money Ltd
  • Don’t use a box too big allowing equipment to rattle around inside
  • Don’t let multiple items packed in the same box come directly into contact with each other
  • Don’t use a black bin liner – this is not suitable packaging
  • Don’t leave anything protruding from the box – everything needs to be securely in the box
  • Don’t tape or tie anything to the outside of the box

Instruments/Equipment in Cases

Ensure that all contents of cased equipment are secure and will not rattle around inside the case inflicting damage. Watch out in particular for guitar vibrato arms, wind instrument mouthpieces, power supplies for keyboards and any accessory that can cause damage if not secured.

Multiple Items

When sending multiple items in one box, each item should be individually wrapped and packed carefully into the box ensuring that protective materials/packaging goes between each item.

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